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Peter Bowden

Peter Bowden

Peter Bowden

Based in Cambridge, MA
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I’m a bi-vocational television producer and consultant working with organizations to communicate, build community and lead change effectively in the digital (and increasingly collaborative) age.  This includes leading trainings, coaching staff & volunteers, and offering keynotes.

Congregational Consulting

I’m a raised Unitarian Universalist, minister’s spouse (married to the Rev. Amy Freedman), and have been active lay leader since the age of 15.  I’ve worked for my home congregation, the Unitarian Universalist Association, co-founded the UU Small Group Ministry Network, created and curate the website, and launched and host the UU Growth Lab on Facebook, now with multiple spin-off labs.

Television & Media

In addition to my work with congregations, I am a television producer working on multiple nationally syndicated programs and coach organizations on the use of digital media.

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